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Humble Beginnings

Gentle Bunny Skin Care was created by skin enthusiast Dawn Copeland.

“I have had a passion for skin care as long as I can remember!”

I had acne as a teen and remember being hesitant to take pictures my senior year in High School.  After I graduated while attending college, I started working for an internationally known skin care line who sent me to skin care training courses.  I remember my coworkers dreading going to class but found myself excited and intrigued!  Years later, I decided I was ready to learn much more about skin, so I enrolled in school in Atlanta, Georgia to become a licensed Esthetician in 2009.  

For years I made and used my own products. After losing my job like so many during the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided it was time to do something else.  I spoke with a family member who encouraged me to start selling products again but on a grander scale. I was excited to start again, however this time I needed to do it in a way that I could reach more people.  So many of us work “day after day” doing tasks at work we are not passionate about.  It was time for me to make a change!

As a licensed Esthetician since 2011, holding a license in multiple states, it was time for me to put my years of professional experience to a new endeavor.  Hence, Gentle Bunny Skin Care was born! This line brings a professional and caring approach to skin care. I knew I had products I loved, however it was important to make sure others loved it too!  Our skin care trial was conducted with dry, oily, mature, sensitive, and acne prone skin types, just to name a few. We are proud to say everyone achieved improved hydration, elasticity, and a more even skin tone.

It is important to know skin is not “one size fits all”.

There are many skin types, tones, and conditions that play a role in what works for one person versus the other. I was determined to create a line that used quality ingredients, it needed to be something natural and efficient.  Essential oils are at the backbone of our product formulas with its many uses and benefits. Exceptional product formulas allow a little to go a long way. The products are not made to have a long shelf life but are made to be used daily to achieve the best results. My goal is that you enjoy Gentle Bunny Skin Care and see amazing results within weeks! 

Our mission is to provide gentle and effective skin care for all!

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