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Our Radiant Rose Luxe Body & Bath Box is the ultimate "me time" in a box. The scent of rose, amber, vanilla, and cashmere fill the room while you indulge in our bath tea and cover your body in our supreme oil blends.

Luxe Body & Bath Box

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Luxe Body & Bath
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  • Our Rose Clay Cleansing Body Bar easily removes dirt and oil while soothing the skin with oatmeal. Our Bath Tea is bath salt and bath bomb all in one, filled with essential oils and herbal flowers. The body polish removes dead skin while moisturizing the skin with Shea Butter.  Invite your senses to luxury with this 100% Soy wax candle (soy burns cleaner than pariffin waxes). Finish with our fast absorpbing body oil that has a scent you can't forget and is nourshing for the skin at the same time!

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